Name: Allyse McVeigh

Role: Sales & Customer Communications

Qualifications & Experience: Advanced Diploma of Agribusiness Management

Growing up on a cotton farm in North West New South Wales, Allyse has spent her entire career working in the Agriculture industry. 

From a couple of season working in the cotton gin, to driving cotton pickers and tractors to working as the Area Manager on the Darling Downs for Olam/Queensland Cotton, Allyse has experience working in every aspect of the cotton industry.

Allyse's career has seen her working on farms, in gins, in marketing and grower services to now, selling high-quality parts and products to farmers with Plant & Pick Spares. 

Combining her knowledge of the cotton industry, the holistic cycle of the fibre and its integrity, and her connections with growers across Queensland and New South Wales, Allyse has been part of Plant & Pick Spares since the beginning. 

Whether it’s packing orders, developing relationships with customers, developing the business or anything else, Allyse wears many hats. 

On top of her duties at Plant & Pick Spares, Allyse is also on the board of Are you Bogged Mate?, an organisation focused on the mental health of men in the ag industry. 

With innovation and the progression of the Australian cotton industry important to Allyse, she is very passionate about the people in the cotton industry, as well as the future of the industry in Australia. 

Since opening the doors to Plant & Pick Spares, Allyse and Matt have worked with growers to provide affordable, reliable and high-wearing parts and spares for cotton pickers and planters.