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Third-generation cotton farmers providing cotton module wrap, cotton picker parts, planter parts, lubes & greases to Australian farmers

Based in Dalby, Queensland, Plant & Pick Spares (PPS) is an Australian, family-owned company providing growers with high-quality aftermarket machine parts, wraps, lubricants and more, which are all trialled and tested for Australian conditions. 

As third-generation farmers and contract cotton pickers, we began to see an increase in price and a decrease in the quality of genuine spares and parts for well-known machines.

Sourcing & developing parts for all well-known pickers, planters & more

Following international travel researching the cotton industry, we saw the issues we were experiencing in our operations, were being felt by growers across the globe. 

Looking to cut overheads in our operations and following meetings with many reliable suppliers, we began trialling aftermarket parts and spares on our machines in 2015.

Developed for Australian long staple cotton

Finding the parts were performing as well, if not better than genuine parts, we began supplying parts to neighbouring properties around the Dalby region. 

As we began sourcing parts for more and more cotton and mixed crop growers, we officially began operating under the Plant & Pick Spares name in 2017. 

Since then, we have extended our spare parts for a wider range of machines. We've grown our offerings to include our PPS developed products, which include:  

  • PPS Cotton Module Wrap 
  • CleanPik Cotton Picker Spindle
  • Spindle Grease 
  • Spindle Cleaner 
  • Mud Runner Wheel 

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Meet the Plant & Pick Spares team

Matt McVeigh


Name: Matt McVeigh 

Role: Founder & Managing Director 

Qualifications & Experience: Nuffield Australia 2015 Scholar, Cotton Australia Board Member, Advanced Diploma of Agribusiness Management, Diploma of Agriculture, Agribusiness/Agricultural Business Operations


A fourth-generation farmer and contractor from Dalby, Queensland, Matt has spent his entire life working in and researching the cotton industry. 

As a 2015 recipient of the Nuffield Scholar Program, Matt travelled across 11 countries to research the quality and grading of cotton in the Australian market to find better ways colour downgrades can be managed in the industry.

While studying for his report, Matt met with cotton growers from other countries and discovered the issues of the quality and price of genuine cotton picker parts were not only being experienced by Australian growers but growers across the globe.

Returning home to his family property in 2015, Matt began trialling aftermarket cotton picker parts on his machines in his fields. Seeing results of the same quality, if not better than genuine parts, Matt began selling parts to neighbouring properties.

Following positive success, he expanded the product range and officially began selling under the Plant & Pick Spares business in 2017. 

Since then, Matt and his family have grown Plant & Pick Spares to what it is today — a cost-effective, high-quality aftermarket alternative for Australian growers. 

Matt continues to support growers and the Australian cotton industry by innovating Plant & Pick Spares' products to evolve with the Australian Cotton industry.

Allyse McVeigh


Name: Allyse McVeigh

Role: Sales & Customer Communications

Qualifications & Experience: Advanced Diploma of Agribusiness Management

Growing up on a cotton farm in North West New South Wales, Allyse has spent her entire career working in the Agriculture industry. 

From a couple of season working in the cotton gin, to driving cotton pickers and tractors to working as the Area Manager on the Darling Downs for Olam/Queensland Cotton, Allyse has experience working in every aspect of the cotton industry.

Allyse's career has seen her working on farms, in gins, in marketing and grower services to now, selling high-quality parts and products to farmers with Plant & Pick Spares. 

Combining her knowledge of the cotton industry, the holistic cycle of the fibre and its integrity, and her connections with growers across Queensland and New South Wales, Allyse has been part of Plant & Pick Spares since the beginning. 

Whether it’s packing orders, developing relationships with customers, developing the business or anything else, Allyse wears many hats. 

On top of her duties at Plant & Pick Spares, Allyse is also on the board of Are you Bogged Mate?, an organisation focused on the mental health of men in the ag industry. 

With innovation and the progression of the Australian cotton industry important to Allyse, she is very passionate about the people in the cotton industry, as well as the future of the industry in Australia. 

Since opening the doors to Plant & Pick Spares, Allyse and Matt have worked with growers to provide affordable, reliable and high-wearing parts and spares for cotton pickers and planters. 

Jodie Love


Name: Jodie Love

Role: Warehouse & Logistics Coordinator

Originally from Beaudesert and growing up knowing all things dairy farming, Plant & Pick Spares’ Warehouse & Logistics Coordinator, Jodie, thrives in all things agriculture and logistics.  

Joining the team in 2022, Jodie is responsible for ensuring each order is selected, packed, posted or handed over, Jodie is an integral part of the PPS team and has made the Plant and Pick Warehouse a much brighter place. 

Coming to the PPS team with a ten-year long background in corporate farming pharmaceuticals, attention to detail and getting the job done in a timely manner come as second nature to Jodie in her day-to-day role.

As the friendly face you’re greeted with when receiving your delivery or when picking up orders from the Plant and Picks warehouse, Jodie is the lady you want to make friends with, especially if you want a hat or stubby cooler!

When Jodie isn’t in the warehouse or delivering orders, you will find her on the Warrego highway taking kids to premier cricket or enjoying a weekend of camping with her family.

Giving back to the community is important to everyone at PPS, and Jodie is no exception. Jodie is an active member of the Red Earth Community leadership program, a program designed around community resilience and ensuring that the Burnett Inland region continues to thrive. 

Giving back is important to us

We support several local charities including: 

  • Are you bogged mate? 
  • Giving back to local communities with CGS 
  • Darling Downs Cotton Growers Incorporated Annual Dinner
  • Cotton Community Support Program
  • With the help of local CGA’s, we donate a percentage of the PPS Cotton Module Wrap sale earnings to local communities. 
  • Macintyre Valley Cotton Field Day 
  • Macintyre Valley Golf Day

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